Chris has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2005 after graduating from Maui School of Therapeutic Massage in Hawaii. He earned his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine in 2018. An active lifestyle in a variety of activities including Track & Field, Marathon Running, Surfing, Yoga, and Functional Strength Training sparked Chris's interest in biomechanics, human anatomy, health, and wellness. This inspired his pursuit in rehab-oriented massage therapy and soft tissue techniques. 

He combines therapeutic deep tissue massage with Active Release Technique (ART) to offer a thorough treatment that provides lasting results.  His treatments are generally geared towards reducing pain, and increasing range of motion. Chris has been practicing ART since 2008 and is full-body certified in this advanced soft tissue technique.  This movement-based technique is great for breaking up scar tissue and increasing range of motion.  

Chris divides his clinical hours between Shine Integrative Physical Therapy in NW Portland and traveling assignments. He recently worked at the Nike World Headquarters Wellness Center in Beaverton, OR.  He has been part of the treatment team for various competitions and athletic events, including:

2015 Track and Field World Championships.  Beijing, China
Prepared Nike-sponsored athletes for competition by providing soft tissue therapy.

2014 - 2015 US Open of Surfing.  Huntington Beach, CA
Worked alongside a team of Chiropractors, Physical therapists, and Athletic Trainers to rehab old injuries and prevent new ones for surfers competing at the elite level.

2013 - 2015 Hurley Pro & Swatch Women’s Pro.  San Clemente, CA
Collaborated with an integrative team of therapists to keep competing professional surfers optimized for competition. 

2013 Street League Skate Event.  Portland, OR
Provided massage therapy for Nike Skateboarders to keep them in peak shape for competition

2013 Track & Field US Nationals.  Des Moines, IA
Worked as a part of Nike Treatment Team to keep athletes in top shape. 

2012 Ironman Triathlon World Championships.  Kona, HI
ART Treatment Team for competing Ironman athletes.

2012 Track and Field Olympic Trials.  Eugene, OR.  
Massage Therapist for Nike athletes.

2011 - 2015 Prefontaine Classic, Eugene OR
Offered Massage therapy for competing Nike Track & field athletes

Contact: chrisbrindley@gmail.com or (703) 819-4216