Constance is the owner of ConCore Training and has joined the team of healing professionals at Shine. She is offering individualized training sessions for current and past Shine clients. The intention of her work is to skillfully transition physical therapy clients back to their fitness goals while promoting the alignment, muscle balance, body awareness and symptom-management skills from Shine PT.

Rate: $80 per hour


Availability: Wednesday 9am to 4pm

I have a passion for helping people achieve their goals while highlighting the importance of connecting to and being aware of their body. With this emphasis, I believe it is possible to restore and strengthen the body while continuing to pursue movement that you love. I have been training individuals, groups and athletes for over 5 years.

Competing in gymnastics and playing tennis at an early age made a huge impact on the importance of movement for me; I developed a strong understanding of muscle coordination and strength. My first career, a sedentary one, was working as a financial accountant in NYC. Movement slowly lost its place in my life and my body clearly suffered. It wasn’t until after I developed my first back distress that I began to prioritize movement back into my life. I started to notice that small improvements in my diet and physical activation had positive effects on my overall wellbeing. I fell in love with the process and realized that sharing these discoveries with others was what I wanted to do in life.

My new career was taking off, however the journey with my personal fitness goals began to take their toll - symptoms of overtraining and musculoskeletal injuries manifested from compensatory movement patterns. I soon learned at Shine Physical Therapy that building strength and conditioning on a structure that was already out of alignment was doing more bad than good. Because of this unbalanced movement I have a personal understanding of frustration and pain. However, my current chosen profession has served me well as I also have an understanding of how to fix and overcome this pain through my education and experience. My own personal journey has allowed me to develop a passion for helping others feel confident with the transition of their physical therapy exercises to a fitness program based on their goals and what they love to do -- whether that be in a gym setting, yoga studio or outdoors. I look forward to working with you and helping you bridge your physical therapy routine back to your fitness routine! -Constance