Welcome to Shine Integrative Physical Therapy where our mission is to offer the highest-quality rehabilitation services to individuals of all ages and abilities. Along with being the West Coast's first certified Postural Restoration Physical Therapy Center, we are home to experienced practitioners of massage therapy and acupuncture. At Shine, you will experience both excellent quality and quantity in your hour-long appointments. Our zoomed-out approach identifies issues and compensations that can otherwise impede long-term progress. With a comprehensive approach and genuine concern for your unique needs, our clients recover from everyday, mild discomforts as well as chronic and complex pain syndromes. Join us at Shine and become empowered to cultivate your body's healing abilities today!

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Physical Therapy Hours:  Monday and Wednesday 9:30AM-4PM, 
TUESDAY and Thursday 9:30am-5pm, Friday 9:30am-3pm