Welcome to Shine!

We provide the highest-quality physical therapy care to help individuals with chronic and complex conditions of all ages and abilities regain their body’s sense of ease and vitality. We are proud to be a small, locally-owned clinic that offers the most exceptional treatments you can imagine. Our unique and holistic approach facilitates remarkable and lasting recovery from pain and dysfunction. We are so glad you found us!

Shine was the West Coast's first clinic to earn Certified Postural Restoration® status from the Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI®). With the lens of PRI®, we offer an incredibly unique and effective approach to recovery. We efficiently identify and treat painful issues originating from structural alignment, neurological, respiratory and movement impairments. Through careful listening and observation, we find other factors and compensations that may otherwise be limiting your healing. By combining specific and sequenced movement retraining, the majority of our clients are able to get out of pain quickly. When our clients leave they have an individualized sequence to maintain their progress as well as to fall back on if symptoms start to return.

When clients need additional assistance in reducing their symptoms beyond movement retraining, we provide expert-level manual therapies, including visceral and neural mobilization, craniosacral therapy, joint mobilization and myofascial release. These gentle and highly specific techniques can reduce or eliminate even chronic pain and restrictions from neural, vascular, joint, muscular or scar tissue adhesions. In addition to our advanced manual therapy offerings, we are yoga therapists with over twenty years of combined teaching experience. We provide modifications and guidance for safe return to your yoga and other wellness practices.

Every visit at Shine is an hour dedicated to you alone with the full attention of your therapist. With a comprehensive approach and genuine appreciation of your unique needs and abilities, we offer you the support and skills that will optimize your healing. If you are ready to get back to your life and quit chasing your pain, we are here for you. Schedule your appointments now through our HIPPA-secure scheduler.

We specialize in treating:

  • Chronic and complex pain from trauma, surgeries or for no known cause

  • Nerve pain throughout the body including thoracic outlet, carpal tunnel, sciatica, and trigeminal neuralgia

  • Post-concussion and head injury therapies including vestibular and oculomotor rehabilitation

  • Dizziness, visual sensitivities, and movement intolerance including motion sickness

  • Headaches, migraines and jaw dysfunction (TMJ/TMD)

  • Breathing difficulties and impairments

  • Gastrointestinal or digestive impairments

  • Joint symptoms after recurrent sprains, athletic injuries, etc.

  • Pelvic and spinal pain in the sacroiliac joints, back, ribcage and neck

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction such as incontinence, pain, and fertility optimization

  • Pediatric issues including scoliosis, muscle pain after growth spurts, attentional or emotional challenges

  • Gentle treatment for infants with colic, torticollis, nursing and swallowing challenges, and unexplained distress

  • Our manual therapies are also beneficial for optimizing mental health, body awareness, and recovery

    Please note that we no longer bill insurance directly. Read more about covering your care here. We are unable to accept clients after motor vehicle accidents and are scheduling restrictions are not suitable for post-operative rehabilitation.