Welcome to Shine Integrative Physical Therapy! Our mission is to offer the highest-quality physical therapy to individuals with chronic and complex conditions. We are proud to be the West Coast's first clinic to earn Certified Postural Restoration┬« status from the Postural Restoration Institute┬« in 2012. Our approach expertly identifies and treats issues originating from structural alignment, neurological, respiratory and movement problems, as well as other factors and compensations that may otherwise impede your healing progress. We are highly trained in manual therapies, including craniosacral therapy, joint mobilizations and myofascial release. In addition, we are highly trained yoga therapists with over twenty years of combined teaching experience. We provide initial modifications and ongoing guidance for safe return to your yoga and other wellness practices. With a comprehensive approach and genuine appreciation of your unique needs and abilities, we look forward to offering you the support and skills that will optimize your healing process. 

When you would like to begin physical therapy at Shine, please fill out the online New Client Intake Form. We will contact you as soon as we receive it and begin the scheduling process with you. To learn more about what insurances we are in-network with, please click here