Shine Integrative Physical Therapy is the team of Dr. Emily Iverson, PT, DPT and Nikki Smith, PTA. They have happily worked together since 2004 as yoga teachers, yoga studio managers and physical therapy providers. We are honored to be joined by a small team of other skilled providers, as well as our therapy dogs.


Dr. Emily Soiney Iverson, PT, DPT, PRC, CST, RYT 

Dr. Emily Soiney Iverson grew up in McMinnville, Oregon in a family of health care professionals. Her youngest sister has a physical disability which exposed Emily to the world of rehabilitation at a very young age. She graduated from Oregon State University in 2001 with a Bachelors in Science in Exercise and Sport Science and a Bachelors in Arts in International Studies with a Spanish minor. She went on to earn her Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from the University of Minnesota in 2004. She worked with clients needing neurological, pediatric, chronic pain, and aquatic therapy before returning home to Oregon in 2006. She worked at an outpatient orthopedic clinic for three years before creating Shine in June of 2009. 

Dr. Emily is a board-certified physical therapist and holds certifications as a Craniosacral Therapist (CST-T) with the Upledger Institute and as a Postural Restoration Certification (PRC) with the Postural Restoration Institute®. She was the first physical therapist on the West Coast to pass the extensive PRC exam which established her clinic as the first Certified Postural Restoration Center® on the West Coast. She has attended extensive coursework by the North American Institute of Manual Therapy and Osteopathic Methods for Vascular Mobilization. Since 2007, she has actively studied with the Barral Institute for both Visceral and Neural Mobilization. In 2015, she was honored to be one of only seven physical therapists as a Top Doctor in Portland in the Portland Monthly.  

Dr. Emily began studying yoga in 1998 to assist in recovery from her own chronic pain. In 2004, she began teaching as a registered yoga teacher (RYT) and has guest lectured a number of anatomy and therapeutic yoga workshops at local studios. Dr. Emily also owned the Shine Yoga Studio from 2011-2015. She developed an integrative therapeutic yoga curriculum and presented this to a national audience through the Postural Restoration Institute®.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, spinning, Barre, knitting and being outside, especially hiking with her husband Josh and Bandit.

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Nikki Smith, PTA, RYT

Nikki Smith grew up in Portland, Oregon and earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Whitman College in 1999. She spent nine years doing social work with youth before transitioning her career to the field of health and wellness. She is a board-certified Physical Therapist Assistant with a strong background in therapeutic yoga, neuro-rehabilitation, and orthopedic physical therapy. Additionally, Nikki completed two 200-hour yoga teacher-trainings and a year-long apprenticeship in 2008 to become a therapeutic yoga instructor. She excels as a teacher and feels honored to educate her clients about body awareness, breath, alignment and stability. 

From 2010 through 2012, Nikki was the first clinical staff person hired at Shine PT. As a Physical Therapy Aide, she developed a passion for combining yoga with subtle manual therapies and movement training techniques. Nikki returned to school in 2012 to earn her Associates of Applied Science as a Physical Therapist Assistant in 2014. During this time she began working in community-based neuro-rehabilitation and became fascinated by the complex ways in which the brain influences the body and healing. Nikki has pursued extensive training with both the Postural Restoration Institute® (PRI) and the Upledger Institute for Craniosacral Therapy.  These treatment techniques, along with complementary manual therapy and movement education, serve as the basis for most of Nikki's treatments. Nikki is a member of both the American and Oregon Physical Therapy Associations and has participated on Board committees.

In her free time, Nikki enjoy reading, hiking, Barre, and gardening. On weekends, she loves spending time with her husband Gene and their dog on their forest property. 

Read about Nikki’s training: Nikki Smith’s Curriculum Vitae


Constance Nekhlyudov, Personal Trainer, Physical Therapy Aide

I have been training individuals and groups for over 5 years. I have been working with Shine’s team to regain my own alignment before trying to add strength. This was the key to relieve my chronic pain!

My own personal journey has helped me develop the skills to help others feel confident with the transition of their physical therapy to a fitness. I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals by connecting to their body awareness. I believe it is possible to return to the healthy movement that you love. I look forward to working with you and helping you bridge your physical therapy routine back to your fitness routine!


Bandit, Therapy Support Dog

Bandit has rounded out our friendly therapy team for the past 8 years. He and Dr. Emily earned the highest level of therapy dog certification through Pet Partners and he was recently promoted to CFO (Chief Fluffiness Officer). He loves to greet clients, walk them back to their treatment room, and offer a furry head to pet if you need one. Bandit is equally good at providing relaxing sighs during a bodywork session as he is with laying down next to you for moral support while you learn a new exercise. You may also find him munching on treats because he is a very good boy. Bandit especially loves kids and helps our youngest clients feel comfortable by acting as a leg bolster if they need to lie down.

He lends his welcoming and calming presence to the clinic a few days each week. When he is not working, Bandit enjoys playing fetch with high-pitched squeaky toys, digging holes, taking naps and hiking. Guaranteed, he will live up to his name and “steal” your heart!


Timber, Therapy Support Dog

Timber the Rhodesian Ridgeback is the newest member of Shine’s canine therapy team, accompanying his mom Nikki most Thursdays and Fridays.

His favorite things in life are food, attention and being warm (in that order), so he will be your friend for life if you greet him with a treat and a friendly hug. Having equal capacity to break into a full sprint or take a 10hr nap at any given moment, Timber is happy to lounge on his bed during treatment sessions or provide a little playful levity when needed. Timber has two young human "cousins" and adores children in and out of the clinic. His downward-facing dog pose is very inspiring and you will likely find him “bowing” to you when you arrive.

When he is not working, Timber enjoys bounding around forests, napping on the sunny deck of his personal tiny house, scavenging for anything edible, and cuddling with his mom