To be freed from chronic pain is to be granted a new lease on life, to be reborn. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me.
-Jim S.

I am always amazed by your incredible knowledge base and eagerness to find solutions to improve your patient's overall function for daily living. You and Nikki have made such a difference in my life. Thank you for all that you do!
-Heather G.

I know you work for a rockstar, but I think you are the rockstar! Thank you so much for your help with my knee! It has made a huge difference with my mobility and the "junk" that I felt in my knee is gone! I'm going to continue the exercises because I am so happy that I am back to normal. I wish I had seen you sooner...
-Gracie O.

Thank you so much for all of your help, guidance, and patience this year! This was one of the most difficult years of my life health-wise and you not only helped me see noticeable improvement, but also provided a welcoming place for me to come without ever feeling judged or rushed. You are so wonderful!
-Emily M.

I cannot thank you and your team enough for what you have given me: hope... and less pain and no surgery! Emily, your knowledge, expertise and intuition are a blessing to all you serve. Nikki, your precision and descriptions helped me with each new exercise. I am so thankful for bringing you both into my life. A sincere thank you!
-Deb S.

My experience at Shine was so fantastic! I wasn't sure what to expect, but the care I received from Emily was more competent, compassionate and effective than any healing treatment I've had. I was so impressed with her kindness and knowledge. I got adjusted, learned two cool new (very strange haha!) exercises, and walked out feeling better than I have in months. Can't recommend Emily and Shine highly enough!
-Kat R.

What sticks out in my mind about Shine is that I thought Emily was totally crazy the first time I met her- in a good way.  She had me list all of the things that I used to be able to do and can't anymore from having multiple sclerosis, and told me that I'd be able to do mostly all of them again, and some day soon.  There was never a consideration that I "couldn't" do anything that I didn't set my mind to.  And she was right- I achieved more working with her and Nikki (my Shine team) then I thought was ever going to be possible. I've returned to skiing, hiking and softball with the help of a foot brace I didn't know I needed until I went to Shine. It keeps me from tripping and being so tired so I can do things I want to again. I also really liked getting two different perspectives from two different therapists and believe this was really beneficial in my care.  I think it helped to avoid running into road blocks or dead ends if I was working with just one person.
- Noel Y.

Thank you all for the quality of care and support I've received from each of you! I have always been treated at Shine with such a welcoming grace. I'll actually miss seeing you all now that I've "graduated!"
-Gaylie C.

Nikki provides excellent attention to details - especially the subtle ones, which makes a big difference in the effectiveness of the exercise.
-Susan C.

I just wanted to write and say that you have a fan for life. You took the time and really helped me out. I can't tell you how many times out in the world that customer service is severely lacking. I have told several people about you and have openly praised you; that is very rare form for me. So, no matter what my insurance's decision is on my coverage, I will absolutely keep working with you.
-Brad M. 

Without a doubt, Shine's method of therapy changed my life. I cannot thank you all enough!
-Kathleen W.

I'm so impressed at how quickly my condition improved and am so happy to have found help with my back and hip pain. Shine is truly amazing!
-Mike R.

Excellent expertise and solutions to address my issues!
-Susie M.

Shine Integrative Physical Therapy truly shines! Over the years I've experienced standard PT, Egoscue, Postural Restoration (PRI), and other modalities, and although it's a drive for me, Shine is the place I return to because of the effectiveness and continuity of care I receive there. The practice runs efficiently and smoothly, and all the therapists are an integrated team of highly skilled and deeply caring individuals.
Emily is a vanguard who is genuinely compassionate and caring. Her diagnostic abilities are uncannily solid and she has a special knack for applying the just right exercise remedy. She really takes her time with me to make sure that I can do the exercises correctly and continue to progress on my own at home. Her skill, experience and knowledge are augmented by her ability to really tune in and keenly perceive subtle nuances with the body.  
Nikki is also a very gifted therapist who has effective problem-solving ability, and is highly skilled, caring and intuitive. She also takes the time to demonstrate and go through the exercises. Every time I've had a session at Shine, I have left there pain free and feeling inspired.
I enjoy being able to take an active role in my healing process - and the integrative PRI-focused PT that Shine offers has really taught me principles of functional movement. These are skills that I can apply, and they've made a dramatic positive difference in my life! Thank you, Shine!
-Lisa S.

I just have to write to say what a gift Nikki is to me.  I remember when you suggested that I see her and it was hard for me after going to you quite a long time.  From the first visit I knew that you had put me in very good hands. Nikki, "my PTA", has been so helpful to me as I go through the slow process to better health after a brain injury years ago.Nikki with her wide range of knowledge and abilities has been a perfect fit for me. Her background in social work, neuro-rehabilitation,  yoga therapy, breathing, strength and stability, etc. have helped me in ways I never expected. She not only has been helpful to me physically but mentally. Being able to talk to a provider as a friend and knowing she will listen, is a big part of healing.Thank you Nikki for all you have and continue to do for me!
All clients should trust in your wisdom when you suggest them seeing someone else in your practice.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to be in Nikki's care--she is amazing--just as you are! Shine is a wonderful place with dedicated people. Thank you Emily for helping me and so many people who come to your office.
-Carolyn K.

I have felt better than I have in years! I'm more in tune with my body. I have learned things that can benefit me in my daily life and I attribute all of that to Shine.
-Gina F.

Everyone is very caring, calm, respectful and professional. I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend Shine to anyone!
-Sarah A.

I went to Shine with sacroiliac (SI) joint pain that I had had for three years, and nothing else I tried had helped very much. I tried acupuncture, chiropractic, two other physical therapists, massage, Rolfing, and even a minor surgery. I did get some relief with these therapies, but it wasn't until I worked went to Shine for a few months of P.T. that I finally found long-term relief from my SI pain. They saw my patterns of movement, posture, alignment, etc. and customized the P.T. from day one with changes as needed, and I continually improved until I left pain free. I have also taken my 8-year-old son there after he fractured his radius. He couldn't do handstands anymore because he didn't have full flexion in his wrist, but after just a couple visits with her he was doing handstands again. He is currently seeing Emily for a torn knee ligament, and is healing extremely quickly. My son loves her and wants to visit her even when he's not injured! She and the other therapist there have amazing skills and are constantly refining their work. After experiencing failed attempts working with other physical therapists, Shine made me believe in P.T. again! 
- Ambika B.

I always appreciate the high level of compassion I experience at Shine.
-Vince S.

I have been going to Shine PT for about two months now. I've been so impressed with the quality of the care I have received-from the welcoming receptionist to the very gifted physical therapists. The therapists are great at making little tweaks in the program to make it work better for me.
They recently fitted me for a custom foot orthotic, which was not prescribed until I had tried conservative options first. I was very impressed at the care and precision that went into it. I know I'm in great hands when I enter the building. More importantly, I have gained a very valuable set of tools and the awareness to make good use of them. 
I am actually in this field as a therapeutic yoga and pilates teacher. I know I have received excellent bodywork from my talented team of chiropractors and massage therapists. I've also had excellent movement therapy from my pilates instructor. That approach is very much like traditional physical therapy.
However, discovering the Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) method is taking me to another level of health and wellness. My back has become much more stable, I can hold better alignment in my day-to-day life, and I even feel that my digestion has improved from the subtle realigning of the abdominal cavity that is part of the PRI approach. I'm amazed at the results, considering that I came in with 15 years of knee pain. I really like the holistic approach that PRI takes--it starts with the breath, and the relationship of the diaphragm to the pelvis. How can everything not be affected for the better?
I highly recommend Shine Physical Therapy!
-Sue B.

I have LOVED my experience here!
-Patricia L.

For the past 6 months since I graduated from Shine, I've had the least pain in my head, neck and shoulders that I can remember in 20 years. I just want to say a big thank you for getting me to this point. You are my dream team! Life is so wonderful with less pain.
-Jan F.

I am so happy since getting started at Shine. What a friendly, inviting place. I'm eager to start yoga there when my therapists recommend it. In the meantime, the exercises along with the corresponding alignment postures make a lot of intuitive sense to me. Everyone is very thorough, explaining things so patiently and enthusiastically answering my every request. I see why everyone speaks so highly of Shine! 
Vicky P. 

Awesome, holistic approach. Way better than any PT office I've ever been to. You all make it so fun. Most importantly, I'm back to my previous activities. Thank you for caring so much!  
-Jen Q.

I love the relaxed personality of everyone in the office :)
-Andrew J.

I am almost 80 years old and have fallen a lot. I also came in with an old knee injury and back pain. After only 7 visits, my pain is completely gone and the training has given me the confidence to walk and move without fear of falling.
-Art G.

I really enjoyed my first visit to Shine.  I so appreciated all of you being so kind, friendly and helpful!  Thanks for making me feel welcomed and cared for. :)
-Christy W.

Thinking about you with gratitude.  My migraine "went away" from today's treatment!  I am so happy that I made the effort to keep my appointment with you today in spite of the energy that it took from me to get there. The combination of your healing touch and me taking it easy the rest of the day even allowed for a walk  this evening! I never would have imagined that my chronic headaches would ever be resolved and I am so grateful!
-Kathy R.

I LOVE SHINE INTEGRATIVE PHYSICAL THERAPY!!!  I worked mostly with Emily, but I have to say that every single one of the employees at Shine has been helpful and friendly.  I always looked forward to my appointments and left the office feeling better physically, as well as uplifted emotionally.  Emily is so passionate and enthusiastic about the work that she does that it's contagious!
I was suffering from a lower back issue and pains in my legs, hips and feet.  After just a few months, I am completely recovered.  Now that my physical therapy is over,  I feel I have been given a "toolkit" that I can use if there is a recurrence of pain. 
-Diane A.

I wanted to share my good news with you. I just found out today that in the past 18 months since my last test, my cholesterol has gone down 33 points! I attribute the improvement to dietary and lifestyle changes… in part from going through PT with you and thereby increasing my ability to move and be active again. Thanks for the important part you have played in this outcome! I am super excited and encouraged to continue increasing my mobility and moving towards better overall health.

The philosophy at Shine is so unique and simple: the body wants to ~and knows how to~ heal... it just needs a nudge sometimes! I really appreciate the therapists ability to restore physical balance with a readily-accessible PT routine. Their passion for a strong and sturdy physical structure is only matched by their desire for health and wellness for each and every client they serve - there is no feeling of being rushed or "herded through" the clinic. Emily and Nikki inspired me to keep my own "personal equipment" in quality, working order with creative, integrative therapy tailored specifically to my needs. 
- Suzanne B.

I have received Physical Therapy from Emily and her team at least three times over the last six years following a deadly car crash in which I was critically injured. Their knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. I'm most impressed with the great results, high integrity, and incredible expertise in Postural Restoration. I practice yoga at Shine Yoga studio next to the PT clinic. The instructors there, including Emily, are knowledgeable, professional, and therapeutic.
- Susan W.

What a great physical therapy clinic!  I have to admit, I didn't understand at first the importance of breathing correctly, but after doing the Postural Restoration exercises and having them improve my health, I'm all for it. It works! My headaches are gone and my stressed-out neck is better. They are straight forward in teaching and helpful when I didn't quite get it.  I would recommend Shine to anyone needing physical therapy.
- Donna S.

Everyone at Shine communicates very well! I have never felt like I was missing needed information.
-Robyn L.

Always positive and you listen and adjust to circumstances!
-Julie M.

Thanks for the appointment yesterday.  You worked your magic because I had the best night of sleep in a long time!  I didn’t wake up with pain every time I moved.  It was awesome.  So, a big THANK YOU to you!
- Mark L.

Thank you SOOOOO much for your loving care of me and my shoulder! I SO appreciate your kindness and welcome of me and my injury. Thank you for your expertise and healing touch. I looked forward to my visits and felt SO good at the end. With gratitude!
- Jo M.

After two back surgeries, I was still left in debilitating pain.  Every time I had gone to a physical therapist, I ended back in surgery.  A good friend recommended Shine and I took a chance.  The entire staff was wonderful, understanding and helped me to work at my level until I was walking and exercising again.  I lost weight, and was able to return to work and travel.  I now know what I was doing wrong and Shine has helped me to correct my posture, learn exercises to strengthen my body and be pain free.  I have my life back!!  I can't recommend their services highly enough.
- Cathy C.

Wow, what service! I was running late for my first appointment at Shine and not only did everyone there help me stay relaxed but the receptionist brought a parking pass to my car so I wouldn't lose time for my therapy. Thanks to having the intake forms online, I was able to bring them to my appointment all filled out and not lose any more time. Not only did I get an appointment there within a week, but I felt like I got red carpet treatment the entire time. Thanks Shine, I feel so welcome already!
- Karen B.

I've already told my friends and family about the fantastic experience I had at Shine. I've been other places that left me unattended for quite awhile, but not here. They would never leave me unattended and they always go the extra mile to make me feel cared for. They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions I want answered.
Samantha R.

I can do things that I've never been able to do. SO great. I've been recommending Shine to everyone. It was absolutely what I needed and I'm so glad to make that investment in my body in my thirties instead of running into permanent problems later.
- G.K.

I started going to yoga classes again and am able to do planks and wall shoulder stretches plus every other pose! No symptoms and no surgery thanks to Shine! Since working with your team,  I am more aware of my shoulder in all aspects of my life and am careful but also committed to keeping my upper body strong.  Thank you for ALL your help.  I have recommended your practice to a lot of people!
- Diana T.

My shoulder has not felt this good in years. It is wonderful to have all of my movement back and without pain. You all are simply the best out there. Thanks so much for helping me get through the tough part...recovering from the surgery! 
- Steve C.

Shine is rad! I went several times last year for a shoulder injury that impacted my livelihood in a huge way. The staff is friendly and helpful. It's clear that physical therapy isn't just a job for these PTs -- it's a passion. I wouldn't be surprised if she spends most of they time outside of the office reading up on physical therapy studies and news....seriously. They are so knowledgable and definitely experts in the field. And, being in the healthcare industry myself, I can say that not all health care providers take the time (or even care) about staying on top of the latest research.  The Shine Team is professional, friendly, easy to talk to and great at what they does. What else could you want? If you're looking for a PT, go see them! Really. Go call now. You won't regret it!
-Rachel J.

Here's a dose of admiration and gratitude! Doing great... no excuse yet to come back in. 
- Greg H.

Shine really SHINES!  They have changed my life!  I have had acupuncture and physical therapy for a chronic neck issue and the things they have done have been wonderfully therapeutic. Cranial-sacral treatments have been incredibly beneficial as well.  In addition to that though - they have taught me how to maintain the new and improved me myself.  The energy and vibe at Shine is tremendous and you will love how you feel afterwards.  I Highly recommend SHINE.  
- Debbie G.

I came to Shine with upper back pain that intensified after having a baby. Holding, nursing and rocking her was putting so much extra strain on my back that I started experiencing pain every day (prior to that it was once, maybe twice, a year). I tried massage, acupuncture and stretching but nothing "stuck". Then a friend recommended Shine. Working with Emily there over the course of a few months I came to understand why. She taught me about the patterns and habits that contributed to my back pain: standing, walking, sitting etc. That alone was invaluable, but I also learned how to breathe properly (yes, there's a proper way) and strengthen the right muscles, while letting the overused muscles relax. I'm a visual learner and ask a lot of questions, and she was always willing to talk through the exercises and anatomy, show me diagrams, and even draw pictures until it all made sense. Today I'm still picking up and holding my ever-growing baby, but I'm doing it in a way that's more sustainable for my body. Now, the back pain only shows up occasionally during certain activities, but when it does I use the exercises I learned at Shine and, like magic, it's gone! Highly recommend their services and the wonderful and supportive staff.
- Melissa L.

I really appreciate how the therapists at Shine  helped me understand what muscles weren't working enough and once they did -my pain was gone. Between the joint mobilizations and craniosacral, I feel like a new person! Although, they both would teach me the exercise progressions they both provided a new understanding of them; this seems to give me the full sense of the therapies much quicker. I have had poor experiences in the past with PT, being tossed to different therapists at each session and feeling like a new person has to get to know me and my problems each time, but at Shine it is clear that they work as a team, take time to discuss my case outside of my appointments and that makes each session (with either of them) transition well. I would definitely recommend Nikki and Emily  to anyone. 
- Robert C.

These exercises are amazing; it is unbelievable that in less than 3 weeks my jaw, foot, back and shoulder ALL feel significantly better. I'm so glad I came here. Thank you all!
- Lydia S.

I love PRI. it is REALLY helping my back! You're a genius! You have all but erased my SI joint pain, and I can fix myself anywhere in the world that I land with 3 simple exercises. I LOVE IT!
- Lisa O.

The therapists at Shine have helped me with a couple of different problems and the care is always absolutely excellent. They look to the cause and treat that not just the problem itself. I also had one medical problem that the therapist knew she could not help with and she was the first to admit that it was a medical issue out of her scope, whilst also making a great physician recommendation. I would recommend Shine to anyone who needs physical therapy.
- Ian C.

What Shine has done for me is incredible. I can't even tell you the difference in my physical and mental health since I have been seeing acupuncture and physical therapy.  I have seen several alternative health care providers and there is no comparison.  The depth of knowledge and ability is unsurpassed by anyone I have seen in the past.  I have never slept better and the pain level is severely decreased - I actually have pain-free days.  Treatment days are called that because they are such a treat!!!
- Debbie D.

You all have the most amazing team here. I am so blown away by how great you are! It feels like I couldn't have gotten better this quickly without  you all seeing me. My chronic right hip pain is almost completely gone in only 2 weeks and I'm so very grateful! 
- Julie J.

I have suffered with headaches for years and truly thought that was just the way my body was built. I had tried everything else and all kinds of pain killers but they always came back. One session of CranioSacral Therapy at Shine gave me relief that I didn't think was possible!
- Heather R.

To be able to have my therapists also be yoga teachers has been superbly helpful in my healing process. Emily is so skilled as a healer and as a yoga instructor that I feel immensely grateful that I found her and her team at Shine. She has been able to take my individual issues and translate them into a community yoga class without skipping a beat. I love the  continuity that I have never experienced in my life that is truly beautiful. What an amazing place and wonderful group of people.
- Susan H.

Nikki and Emily are highly skilled and caring therapist. I really loved their teamwork when working with me. This may not work at other clinics, but here they pull it off seamlessly! I continue to practice the exercises and yoga asanas that I learned from my rehabilitation sessions in my daily practice. They are continually learning new ways to approach their profession, and are stellar at communicating complex physical injuries and solutions for them from a profound knowledge base that is still accessible to the patients. The support staff is exemplary and caring in every way, too. 
- Kimberly W.

Wow, feeling fantastic. Once I got walking around after our last session I could feel the muscles working correctly and my tightness melted. In just 4 sessions of working with you, things are really connecting for me! Thanks again! I feel very fortunate to have connected with you and learn from you.
- Kari K.

I would highly recommend Shine to anyone seeking integrative care. I didn't know much about cranial-sacral therapy, and was unsure if it could have any impact on my chronic headaches, but I was completely blown away by its immediate effects and relief. The therapy, coupled with education and exercises, reduced my headaches dramatically within weeks. After years of trying other therapies and directions, I couldn't believe the difference. Emily and Nikki were a pleasure to work with and taught me how to integrate good practices and exercises into my daily routine that allow me to help keep my headaches at bay. Shine is an outstanding integrative care practice: professional, caring, and focused on long-term, deep healing.
- Ashley O.

Most people go to a physical therapy clinic to heal an immediate physical injury. By that measure, Shine is certainly one of the best. But what strikes me most about the therapists at Shine is their holistic approach, as reflected in the philosophy described on the Shine web site and that is embodied by everyone at Shine. Whenever I've gone there for treatment of various distance running-related injuries over the past few years, I've come away healed and able to run pain-free again after a few sessions. But each time I've also gained new knowledge to help prevent injuries by understanding my body better and knowing how to troubleshoot problems in the early stages.                              The approach to physical therapy at Shine integrates healing for body, mind, and spirit, which after all are more interconnected than we sometimes realize. I experienced the full power of this holistic approach most recently when I went to Shine for a nagging running injury that was closely linked to an episode of depression. Because I trusted the therapists at Shine enough to share the whole picture of what was going on, we were able to combine manual therapy to heal the immediate physical injury, exercises to correct the underlying structural imbalances, and craniosacral therapy and friendly conversation to help me reintegrate and rebalance. I highly recommend Shine's approach for anyone seeking both immediate healing and greater empowerment to stay healthy over the long term.

- Todd D.

Two years ago, after over a decade of battling a pattern of periodic episodes of excruciating back/hip pain, I made the decision to take the surgery option. Fortunately, my brother suggested I try one last time to address the issue through exercise. As an early diagnosis was that I had a "sacroiliac joint" issue, I again conducted extensive research on the topic, and a search for a physical therapist with knowledge of SI Joints. The search led me to the Shine Integrative Physical Therapy web site; I read the philosophy. I thought "really?" I have to be honest, for a 52 yr-old traditionally conservative guy it seemed different. I was a 'give me the exercise, I'll do it and I should get better' kind of guy. Yet something possessed me to step out of my comfort zone - nothing worked so far and surgery was next, so I stepped out of character and I called Shine. 

The result - no surgery and for the 2 years since- no back/hip pain and my back/hip no longer limits my lifestyle. From the beginning, my PT's objective was to teach me how to uncover long-lasting and deep healing for myself. She did. She taught me key exercises and perhaps unknowingly, a new mind-set toward myself and my overall health. She was patient and empathetic while working with me. I will never know how much of my healing is due to her ability to diagnose my issue and the physical exercises she taught me (which I continue to do) and how much was due to my 'clearing out the thought-patterns that hindered me'. What I do know is that the Shine PTs are first-rate medical professionals, experts, and scientists. She is highly academically-trained, exceptionally knowledgeable, spiritually gifted, and has wisdom about how the human body and spirit work that is beyond her years…..oh, and I know my back and hip still doesn't hurt!
- Randy R.

I feel so fortunate to have found Shine when I needed physical therapy. As the clinic name implies, the folks at Shine draw from a broad range of modalities to create an individualized treatment plan appropriate to each patient, rather than relying on a one-approach-fits-all style.                                          
Everyone at Shine is strongly involved in the community and they have a wide range of contacts on which to call when necessary. At one point I needed to be referred out and my therapist realized this immediately. She recommended a wonderful physician who was more than pleased to coordinate with Shine regarding my ongoing care.                            
While the therapist's technical knowledge is most impressive, they are also gifted teachers. Their encouragement of me to engage with my own healing process has changed the way I relate to my body, and that has improved my life beyond simply healing from my injury. Besides their clinical expertise, the PT's are lovely, warm, caring people and are fun to be around. They have made recovery a joy instead of a chore.
-Marsha G.

My physical therapist Emily is talented with a combination of knowledge and intuition. She is both a scientist and artist with the gift of quickly analyzing the issue and applying the proper treatment.
-Bob S.

My sister recommended Shine for physical therapy treatment of my recurring sport injury pains after her own great experience. The therapists at Shine have been a delight to work with! They are both attentive and efficient and I love how they use a wide range of traditional and nontraditional approaches to give me an individualized and well-rounded treatment. My training has improved and better yet, I'm enjoying running again!
- Amy S.

I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t had to take any medications and haven’t had a single headache. I am a craniosacral therapy convert! You’ve made such a big difference. I was really starting to think that I would be stuck taking those pills forever. I came in for my rotator cuff, and you fixed my head (and shoulder)! I’m sending my husband to you next. Thanks again!
- Carrie M.

I want to thank you for the tremendous change you have made in my life. When I first came to see you I had such severe sciatica there were times I could not even sit down. I had to take Vicodin but the excrutiating pain would still wake me up at night. Your approach in therapy was so positive and encouraging that I was happy to follow the take-home exercises. I looked forward to therapy in spite of some discomfort I might expect because of your joyful spirit and gentle manner. Each treatment session I saw improvement. I had greater mobility and decreasing pain. Today, I have absolutely no sciatic pain. You were able to identify a problem in my hip alignment that had been causing the pain and worked with me to correct it. I now have full range of motion and can walk, sit and sleep uninterrupted. What I appreciate as much if not even more, is your humanity. I was always so much more than muscles, bones and nerves. Your sensitivity and caring are beautiful gifts to your patients. Today I am well enough to be doing Yoga. You have helped me come so far!
- Julie Z.

I have been to many different PT clinics throughout my life and Shine is the best. They are knowledgeable, experienced, fun and kind. I have been impressed with their training on many different practices; they can provide you with the best care for what you need.
- Haley G.

Emily is a talented healer and a caring, giving person. Even though I've only had 3 appointments, my pain is subsiding. I feel like my life trajectory has changed and I'm now on a path to health, with Emily to help guide the way!
- Dawn C.

I have degenerative spine disorder, 4 rods in my back and chronic pain. This is the first place I have been that has actually helped me. The pain level has gone from levels 7-8 to 3 out of 10. Emily is not only knowledgable but she has a great sense of humor and is a delight to be with. I have been to a lot of PT specialists; I tell you she and her team are the best and most helpful of all.
- Sandy V.

I went into Shine with the longest-term injury I have ever sustained; a torn hamstring tendon attachment aka "yoga butt," from an accident in 7th grade that has haunted me ever since, and I am now 40. It has caused me S.I. Joint pain for my whole life, in one form or another. I had tried every therapy available, from acupuncture to chiropractic to prolotherapy to massage to bee stings, you name it. I quit practicing yoga for an entire year. Nothing made a difference. My butt hurt all the time, and my pelvis and low back ached constantly.
I went to Emily at Shine and she saw my injury in a new light, one that no one had ever looked at before, which was my posture and body type. She assessed me through that filter and began to address my underlying patterns immediately, and things began to change for me. I will not say it was easy, or that it happened overnight, but I will say that today i have practically NO pain in my low back or SI joints (and a set of 3 exercises to do when I do have pain there which fix it pretty much immediately) and she has addressed by hamstring pain to about 95%. My hips are stable and solid, and most days of the week I don't have pain.
Emily is a dedicated and extremely skilled therapist that looks at the whole body from the ground up. Hers is a comprehensive solution to body pain, a re-structuring that simply cannot happen in one visit. What else can I say? The woman has serious, mad skills in the department of the physical body, and she gets the job done.
Being out of pain on a regular basis has changed my life and my ability to engage with it, and she has taught me an enormous amount about how to stay clear of pain on my own. I have referred literally dozens of people to her with similar results.
- Lisa Mae O.

I am so much better than when I started and felt they listened carefully and helped me progress slow and steady.  I went to them after back surgery and had quite a bit of back pain. I don't expect to ever be 100% but feel that Shine has helped get me back to 80-90% of my previous activity level and I consider that a great success story. I found Emily and her staff to be very professional and very knowledgeable and would recommend this clinic to anyone in need of PT.
- Sharon B.

I was referred to Shine by a family member, and as a result of my experience I have referred several friends to Shine. Old surgeries left me with pain, limited movement, and the inability to participate in the activities I used to enjoy. Emily thoroughly assessed my needs and created a path back to wellness that's doable - with humor, creativity, and endless support. I look forward to each session knowing that I'll leave encouraged and armed with tools we've practiced until I'm confident doing them correctly at home. I know that if I have any questions or concerns, I can reach her to modify and get back on track. Each visit provides reinforced understanding of the structure of the body and my own issues. I'm always treated with respect as a partner in my own recovery. Emily is a gifted and intuitive therapist who cares deeply for her patients. I encourage you consider Shine when your health care needs include physical therapy.
- DeeDee H.