The truth about posture

Have you ever been told that if you would just stand up straight you would feel better? New research has revealed that this is not exactly correct. As a matter of fact many people, including those with “great posture” have spines that have become too straight. The spine is designed to curve in order to absorb shock, as well as properly position our muscles and organs for optimal, pain-free function.

A spine that is too straight will loose its ability to absorb shock. This increases wear-and-tear which leads to arthritis, pain, and nerve and soft tissue damage. At Shine, we see and treat these flat backs to relieve pain in our client’s shoulders, necks, heads, low backs, hips, and even their arms and legs. We employ Postural Restoration techniques to effectively relieve those nagging discomforts and nips problems before they become something worse. That is why we invite clients to come in preventatively as well as if they are in pain.

The good news is that the outcomes of our treatment do not require you to constantly monitor exactly how you are sitting and standing. This is because the Postural Restoration therapy that we use will restore you to a neutral position. This in turn gives you a broader, symptom-free spectrum in which to hold yourself: sometimes tall and regal, but sometimes slouchy. Your body will thank you for getting your curves back!

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