Rave Review for Postural Restoration-Inspired Yoga

A student's recent review makes us beam from ear-to-ear: 

In an overwhelming majority of yoga classes the instruction is akin to a GPS.  A smooth and soothing voice guides step by step, turn by turn as the class follows where it is led.  The PRI yoga class more closely resembles the study of an atlas before a journey. The destination is specific.  The route is clearly outlined.  The terrain of the human body is discussed.  Landmarks are identified as are potential impediments. The students begin the physical portion of the class already educated. It is a class taught not by rote but with intent, each student well prepared to navigate their own bodies. 

In PRI yoga the fusion of fresh knowledge and ancient practice creates a class both efficient and rewarding.  The clear and specific cause and effect nature of PRI is complemented by the fluidity of the yoga routine.  It allows for immediate application of principles in a context separate from straightforward classroom exercise.  The class can feel what it is to properly align the body while engaging in motions that mirror those common to daily living.  In this way correct alignment can be felt while the body is fully engaged.  It is this physical understanding which enables students to quickly absorb and maintain posture and other principles of PRI until it becomes the natural state. 

Thanks to Molly T. for this beautifully written and glowing review!