By Emily Soiney, PT, DPT, PRC, CST, RYT

With the return of great summer weather, many Portlanders our out pounding the pavement. It's about this time of year, that your body reminds you that you still haven't addressed that nagging Achilles tendonitis, knee pain, or plantar fasciitis. Think an orthotic could help?  

You may be right since many individuals can benefit from orthotics, but beware: not all orthotics are created equal! Traditional custom foot orthotics are made of rigid plastic and are designed to force the foot into one "ideal" position. They may have been prescribed for you with the best intentions, but often these uncompromising devices can do more harm than good. That's because our feet are made to move and adapt to the ground. Rigid orthotics, as made by most physical therapists and podiatrists and even local shoe stores, do not keep this in mind. When an unforgivingly hard arch support is placed under your foot, it alters everything about how you walk, stand, and even breathe! 

Postural Restoration® orthotics were developed by podiatrist Dr. Coffin, D.P.M. and physical therapist Ron Hruska, M.P.T. Not only are they flexible and comfortable, they cost less than other orthotics on the market. Health insurance companies routinely reimburse you for the full cost as well. However, what is truly unique about the Postural Restoration® orthotic is that they are molded by a physical therapist with your sub-talar joint (just below your ankle) in perfect neutrality so the result is a true impression of your foot's "happy place." When the podiatrist fabricates your custom pair, he does not have to guess at where neutral is; this is the case when foam impressions are made in standing. 

Postural Restoration® orthotics are designed to work with your individualized foot mechanics and your neurological system to gain the perfect balance of foot stability and mobility.  These non-compressible, flexible orthotics are uniquely matched to your posture, gait, and activities. PRI® orthotics not only provide improved outcomes for your feet but will help align your knees, pelvis, and spine to decrease tension and pain. They are best utilized when combining with Postural Restoration® therapies and supportive shoes. 

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